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/Recent Items for Quick Navigation

Quick Navigation is the new feature in ZOHO CRM that allows you to view your recent records that you have visited around the CRM. It will list down 20 recent records that has been visited allowing you to access them without going to their actual location.

Not many users are aware that they can customise and personalise their home dashboard in Zoho CRM to enable quick navigation throughout their system. This is what we’re going to show you in this quick tutorial.

With this new feature, it makes it easier for your team to access relevant pages connected to their role and function without having to go through the process of searching again in the CRM system. You can ‘bookmark’ a page or pages in your dashboard for quick access.

The one click option to view your recent records enable you quick access to update any data or changes needed to be done. It saves your time and you can leave your hassle of searching the recent data again back in the CRM. Easily navigate to your recent data make most out of ZOHO CRM.

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