SalesSignals Notifications – Make Sales Decisions Effectively

/SalesSignals Notifications – Make Sales Decisions Effectively

The new feature in ZOHO CRM allows you to effectively engage with customers. The real time notification with every customer engagement via email marketing, social media, survey and so on allows you to provide effective customer service.

In this video tutorial, we will be shedding some light on how to use SalesSignals Notifications to improve your team’s performance and efficiency in lead management.

The SalesSignals feature in Zoho CRM provides real-time notifications from your leads, contacts, or potential customers. You can keep track of all the customer interactions across various channels and follow-up with them from one central place, your Zoho CRM account. SalesSignals improve timely communication and enables you to follow-up with your leads and contacts and close deals quickly.

Being a lead or contact owner, you will be able to view SalesSignal notification that have been received from lead, contacts or potential customer in your own ZOHO CRM home page. It will allow you to touch base them on all aspects and keeping the sales activity from a central place.


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