Zoho CRM 2016 – Stage by View

/Zoho CRM 2016 – Stage by View

Stage by View in the all-new Zoho CRM 2016 allows you to work efficiently through your contacts and improve lead management. With this feature, you can easily determine, which stage in the sales process one lead is currently in; thus, making it easier for the team to determine which lead has been contacted, won, or untouched.

Zoho has introduced the new user interface 2016 with many many new features. We at Oscillosoft, one of Zoho’s premier partners in Australia, has prepared a series of videos that will aim to demonstrate all the those new features so you get more used to the new user interface (UI) with ease.

Learn more about Zoho CRM and Stage by View feature in the video below.

Deals Stage View

The Stage view is helpful when you specifically want to see view deals categorised by their stages. A single glance at the Stage view will tell you which deals are in the Closed Won stage, how many in the Closed Lost stage, Negotiation/Review stage and so on and so forth. This view is also applicable when you customize the Deal Stages.

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