Zoho CRM: Burst SMS Extension Features

/Zoho CRM: Burst SMS Extension Features

Did you know you can Send SMS and text messages Via Zoho CRM Now?

The whole world has embraced mobile technology, so why shouldn’t your ZOHO CRM go mobile too?

With our SMS integration add-on now it’s possible. Leverage the power of ZOHO CRM with BURST SMS, allowing users to send and receive SMS right from within your ZOHO CRM LEADS, CONTACTS and POTENTIALS.

Here is video on Zoho CRM integration with Burst SMS.

Integrate ZOHO CRM with BURST SMS

The integration between CRM and BURST allows you to send and receive text messages directly from within ZOHO CRM. This is fully integrated into CRM allowing you to see text history, create message template, send bulk sms, and even create Event reminders!

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