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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a vital tool to manage businesses that have online presence and need to store and tackle a vast amount of data at a time. There are various types of CRM solutions available to match the needs of the businesses. One such CRM solution is Zoho CRM which allows small and medium size businesses to do on-demand data management. Zoho CRM solution is a user-friendly software which offers amazing features to your business’s data management and online presence.

Some of the important features that Zoho has in its pocket, are listed as below:

  • Real time tracking of your sales so that faster and efficient decisions can be taken based on actual data. Zoho is a perfect solution for managing leads, contacts as well as forecasting sales, etc.
  • A CRM account with direct communicative accessibility with consumers on social platforms improving the business campaigning outreach and visibility.
  • A CRM which goes mobile so you can take it everywhere with you and access at your ease
  • Automated response systems so data maintenance does not remain a hassle anymore
  • Connect through different applications across various operating systems
  • Synchronize with Google mails and applications making sharing information faster and easy

The user interface of the software provides information which is easy to understand making decision making process efficient. A typical home page of Zoho CRM looks like this:

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The interface includes the following vital elements:

  1. Easy to Access and manage tabs
  2. Options to manage the subscription, e.g. upgrading the service right from the home page
  3. Options to create or add records of customers and sales
  4. Viewing the calendar and plan the activities in an effective manner
  5. Going back to the review the recent activities is only a click away
  6. Other features of the software can be accessed through a link on the top right of the page
  7. Search for any specific information or data point

Zoho CRM is being used by many popular online businesses improving their processes and the way they interact with their consumers.

Zoho CRM is the new age solution for your business with a number of advantages to offer:

  • It is an on-demand cloud software for which you don’t need to invest in any servers or backup solutions.
  • Zoho CRM is highly customizable as per the specific needs of any business and customizing is very easy too
  • It is a user friendly software and has a communicative interface letting you interact with your consumers in an effortless way
  • For big businesses, Zoho has the advantage of doing customized territorial management for clients and customers spread across the globe.
  • With Zoho, you can have a detailed view of your customers as well as the customer interactions happening via email or through social media.
  • You can be in touch with your clients or customers from anywhere with the help of Zoho supported mobile applications. So you don’t have to wait to reach your system but respond in a faster way to conduct business effectively

Zoho CRM is a great way to keep all your business related interactions and activities synchronized so that you don’t need to manage heaps of sales data while trying to make sense of it but rather focus on taking strategic business decisions and creating new customers.

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