With Oscillosoft’s Burst SMS extension for Zoho it is easier than ever to sync your campaign list from your Zoho CRM to a Burst list, send a SMS campaign, and vice versa.

Burst SMS is an extension developed by Oscillosoft allowing you to send SMS messages. From the Leads, Contacts, and Potentials modules in your Zoho CRM. Our Burst SMS integration is bursting with features that make contacting your leads simple and convenient.

Can manually send custom SMS to individual customers or send bulk SMS to up to 100 customers at a time. Customise your messaging by selecting which of your contacts you’d like to receive each message, allowing you to reach your audience even more directly.

Make your SMS marketing strategic with Burst SMS. In addition to sending and receiving SMS, Zoho CRM keeps track of which customers use the opt out feature. This includes with each SMS that allows you to track and optimise your work. What can be improved in your marketing messaging.

SMS marketing has been proven highly effective in establishing a direct line of communication between businesses and their customers. Most businesses use SMS marketing for billing reminders and broadcasting promotions. It also includes special offers, order and delivery notifications, and overall customer and lead management.

With Burst SMS you can make this direct communication even more personal with personalised messages. Customise your lead’s name and surname in your message for a more personal approach to boost your customer relationship management.

You can even set up automation rules within Burst SMS, saving you time, money and effort while still enhancing the quality of your customer communications. You can schedule your SMS to automatically send at a time of your choosing.

Your CRM can then receive SMS replies from customers and store those replies against their records for easy reference. As an added benefit, you can automate the SMS service to send customers a short reminder of an appointment or other event via text.

How does the Burst SMS Extension work?

  • After you install the extension, set the Burst SMS API Key, Burst SMS API Secret, and Burst SMS Caller ID. The extension will create two custom modules and a few fields in the Leads, Contacts, and Potentials modules which will be used to send SMS.

  • You can send bulk SMS and custom SMS by clicking the Send Bulk SMS button and the Send SMS checkbox. SMS can also be sent using templates already created under the SMS Templates module. If you would like to create your own message, you can do this by going to the “Custom SMS Body.”

  • An event reminder SMS will be sent based on the Reminder set up for an event. All SMS history, sent & received, will be recorded under the Send SMS module.

  • New workflow automation rules can be created, according to your criteria, to send personalized SMS.

The Benefits of Oscillosoft’s Burst SMS Extension:

  • Send and receive SMS on Zoho CRM from the Leads, Contacts, and Potentials modules to Burst SMS.

  • Send a customised SMS or use a predefined SMS template.

  • Track the conversation history of individual contacts.

  • See a full SMS history of event reminders and alerts.

  • Set up SMS automation.

  • Send SMS instantly or schedule for later, with event reminder workflows.

  • Field merging option from your CRM Module in SMS Templates to personalise customer names.

  • Opt out option for your customers included with each message.

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