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Like many businesses, you’re probably using Zoho CRM for your sales and marketing and Saasu accounting software for your accounting and bookkeeping tasks. How do you keep both applications in sync without resorting to manual or double entry? With our custom Zoho2Saasu integration you can do it easily and seamlessly. Our integration will synchronise data between the two applications automatically with smart validation rules to prevent duplicates. With our plug-in, not only can you save time and money, you can focus on doing your business rather than wasting your time managing data and records.


Zoho2Saasu eliminates the need to manually input records in both systems. With the plug-in, all you need to do is simply install the extension into your CRM using your Saasu API credentials for setup. Once the setup is complete, the records will automatically sync with the modules on your Saasu Create/Update and give you the following benefits:

360 green

Get 360 degree visibility across applications

Double Green Message

No need for double entry into your CRM and Saasu

Savetime Green Message

Save time & labour costs

Zoho Increasedata Green

Increase data accuracy


Connect your sales and accounts team to improve productivity and efficiency

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Receive notifications when data fails to sync

Why choose our plugin?

  • Work with consistent, accurate and current information in different apps simultaneously. Especially useful for working in teams, working remotely and on mobile.

  • When you need duplicate prevention, data merging and updates on both sides.

  • For two-way real time sync, Oscillosoft is the way to go.

  • Get sync alerts via email.

  • Free trial period – try before you buy!

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