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Zoho CRM has many configurable features to perform a range of tasks. Your choice of features and configuration determines how beneficial and profitable Zoho CRM will be for your business. No two businesses are the same. No two Zoho CRM implementations should be either. The most profitable implementations of Zoho CRM are based on a strong Zoho CRM strategy. Our Zoho experts can provide a strategic implementation of Zoho CRM to set you up for success.

Get a strategic Zoho CRM implementation

Strategic Zoho CRM Implementation for Higher Productivity

To get higher productivity from your sales and marketing team, bottlenecks must be eliminated. Strategic implementation of Zoho CRM, will achieve this. With strategic implementation of your entire sales pipeline into Zoho CRM, you can more effectively capture useful data at every stage. This data is invaluable in identifying your sales bottlenecks and guiding you in revising your sales processes to fix them. With our unique three step approach to Zoho CRM implementation, you will soon be eliminating your sales bottlenecks.

At Oscillosoft, we set up Zoho automation solutions that make it easy for you to:

Zoho CRM Implementation That Improves Customer Relationship Management

Zoho is a customer relationship management tool to to help your team effectively improve your interactions with customers and grow your bottom-line. Your Zoho CRM must go beyond being a database of leads and customer information. It is an asset for understanding leads and customers in order to provide an outstanding customer experience. This is what we achieve for our clients with a strategic Zoho CRM implementation.

Zoho CRM should be implemented with the mindset that it is a tool to make your business processes more efficient. This means it should be configured and customised to adapt seamlessly into your existing sales, marketing and communications processes. Zoho CRM will integrate invisibly as your team uses it to achieve your business goals.

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Zoho CRM Implementation that Makes Your Zoho CRM a Team Player

Growing your bottom-line is always a priority. And nothing grows your bottom-line like a profitable relationship with your customers. This is why you need an expert Zoho Consultant to ensure your use of Zoho CRM is maximised to grow the profitable relationship between you and your customers.

Zoho CRM is very configurable. Without bespoke configuration its default is generic and usually requires your team to adapt to working with it. This can reduce the team’s creative synergy and lower productivity. With a decade of experience in Zoho CRM implementation as an accredited Zoho Advance Solution Provider, we can easily identify the configuration that will adapt Zoho CRM to your company culture and business processes, rather than the other way around.

OscilloSoft team implemented Zoho CRM for us from the ground up. We saved big $$ from not moving to Microsoft dynamics. Zoho CRM provided us dynamic reporting and team collaboration as we have reps all over Australia. Zoho CRM has given us what we needed and much, much more. Now we are also using Zoho Projects to manage our operational side of the business and will explore other applications to take advantage of the one ecosystem.
Peter Jarvis, National Sales & Marketing Manager, ITS PipeTech Pty Ltd