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Are you new to Zoho CRM and looking to get up to speed on its features?

Have you been using Zoho CRM for a while but feel you could be getting more out of it? Are you an advanced Zoho CRM user and looking to beef up your skills to expert level? We can help with all of these and more with a custom Oscillosoft Zoho training session to meet your needs. We will build on your Zoho CRM knowledge and expand your Zoho capabilities whether you’re starting from absolute beginner level or are a confident user.

At Oscillosoft we are experts in designing, building and implementing Zoho CRM solutions for your business needs.

But day to day, your team will be the ones using the CRM. If we build you a Zoho solution, we won’t just set you up and leave you to figure things out by yourself. Our experts will train your team in how to get the best from your Zoho CRM. We will make sure you thoroughly understand how to use the features we’ve designed for you to get maximum results for your business.

Exceptional Customer Service with an Exceptional Zoho CRM Setup

Whether delivering training on how to use features and plugins we’ve newly installed for you or helping you learn more about the capabilities of the CRM you already have, Oscillosoft have the custom training solutions to transform your team into Zoho power user. We will make sure you understand everything we’ve installed for you, answer all your tricky Zoho questions, and ensure you are fully prepared with best practices to get the most out of your Zoho CRM day to day.
We offer a range of custom training options for all levels of Zoho experience, from complete beginner to seasoned user. We offer a range of training lengths, from half day, full day and multi-day sessions to regular ongoing support sessions over several weeks or even months.
So don’t be shy, get in touch with our team to discuss your training needs so you can maximise your use of Zoho CRM.”

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