At Oscillosoft, we set up sales force automation solutions for improved:

Customer Information Database

Having a centralised customer information database makes it easier to execute customer communication and marketing strategies.

Insight on Client Needs

With a standardised repository of customer information, it is easier to classify customer preferences and improve insights.

Internal Communication

Large businesses can be in danger of suffering from poor communication. CRM can be the facilitator for improved communication across any business.

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Customer Management in the IT & Telecommunications Industry

Distribution companies and wholesalers are faced with unique challenges and concerns compared to other businesses.
Distributors tend to fall into the B2B (or Business-to-Business) category, often interacting with retailers, dealers, and wholesalers rather than the direct end users.
CRM systems provide huge value for distributors. From collecting customer data to improving overall customer service and tracking transactions, CRM solutions like Zoho can be used to efficiently track sales and invoicing, as well as execute marketing strategies.