Zoho CRM 2 Google Maps Address Finder: 5 Ways It Can Make a Tremendous Impact in Your Business

/, Zoho CRM/Zoho CRM 2 Google Maps Address Finder: 5 Ways It Can Make a Tremendous Impact in Your Business

Knowing the exact address of the place that you want to visit is important for you to accurately locate. The same thing goes for business as it is important for you to know the specific addresses of your clients especially if you are dealing with them on-site or providing services at their homes.

Most people who have access on technological devices like cell phones and computers are now using navigation apps when it comes to locating certain places that they want to go. And one of the most used navigation apps today is Google Maps.

Google Maps is an amazing web mapping service developed by Google. It contains a lot of notable features like Street View, satellite imagery and many more.

One of the main benefits of using google apps for a business is when you use it for the purpose of sales and marketing. Google Maps marketing is a very powerful technique when you are applying local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your sales campaign. 

Google Maps actually has a feature which enables a user to make businesses easier to find. However, manually searching for business or clients’ addresses can take too much of your time. 

In order to save more time on using Google Maps for searching addresses, Oscillosoft came out with its extension called “Zoho CRM 2 Google Maps Address Finder”.

Zoho CRM is already a powerful database itself which is capable of holding numerous data and information related to business. With the addition of the Google Maps Address Finder Extension, Zoho CRM will be able to provide your business the following five (5) significant benefits:

  • Time Efficient

    The Google Maps Address Finder has an automation feature. This function helps the user to automatically complete address information using a few keystrokes into the Zoho CRM field. Typing a few keywords to help you easily find your client’s address will definitely help you save a lot of time.

  • Eliminates Any Risk of Human Error

    Google Maps Address Finder has a function where it suggests correct addresses from the input that was wrongfully placed. This helps you eliminate human error that occurs by having the address field entered manually.

  • Improves Overall Zoho CRM Experience

    Google Maps Address Finder works well with Zoho CRM’s leads, contacts and accounts module. Its seamless integration with Zoho CRM makes it a lot easier for your business to reach out to the people listed in the modules.

  • Improves Customer Service

    With the help of the advanced features of Google Maps Address Finder, you can now even more simplify the utilization of Google Maps. This will help you focus more on improving the chance to grow more sales by spending more time on providing a greater customer service.

  • It is the Perfect Extension for Finding Addresses

    Since Google Maps Address Finder can provide address suggestions based on the partial clues provided by the client, it is the perfect extension to use for finding business addresses.

    Also, it has a dynamic field mapping which includes custom fields as well as distance and duration information that could help you accurately locate the address of your clients easily and efficiently.

    It also has a function where it enables the addition of multiple offices dynamically. Plus, with its seamless integration with Zoho CRM, it will serve as the perfect tool for you to enhance your marketing strategies with Google Maps.

  • Easy to Use Extension

    Google Maps Address Finder has a user-friendly interface, the following are the simple steps to take when using the said extension:

    a) Provide the Google Map API Key during the installation process.

    b) In the Google Map Setting, go to the Zoho field map and set your office location.

    c) The extension will work on  the Zoho CRM’s Leads, Contacts, and Accounts module.

    d) Get the extension through the “Address” button.

    e) Get address suggestions after entering a keyword in the search box


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