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ZOHO CRM for Not For Profit

Unlock your organisation’s full potential using Oscillosofts comprehensive CRM solution. Powered by the Zoho CRM platform and tailor made for the NFP sector, this intelligent package is designed to improve efficiency and streamline your day to day.

Say goodbye to cumbersome and outdated methods of managing data and say hello to a centralised cloud based CRM designed to make every key aspect running your organisation easier.

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All your core activities streamlined into a single platform. Simple

Is This Solution Right for Your Organisation?

Based on research we built this solution from the ground up to help NFP organisations manage major aspects of their organisation with ease.

This solution is specially designed by Oscillosoft for an NFP organisation managing multiple sponsors, donors and events each year. It is crucial for an NFP like yours to have the most salient features in a CRM. Along with storing the name and addresses of sponsors, donors and members, this CRM captures all incoming enquiries, streamlines the workflow and automates daily tasks.

The reporting and dashboard functions within the CRM helps to effectively monitor, analyse and make smart business decisions. Day-to-day activities are easily automated, saving both time and money.

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Reasons Why Your NFP Needs Our Solution

A lot more can be achieved to increase ROI and productivity!

  • Automate tasks to save time

  • Single location for all data storage and historical activities of students

  • Generate buzz & convert more students with easy marketing activities

  • Easy communication and follow up with new & existing students

  • Performance measurement of consultants through real time reporting, dashboard for analytics and accurate forecasts

  • Collaboration among team members at every step of the process is in real time

  • Customisation of layouts, components, functions, views, filters & much more Multichannel support via phone, email and live chat


To get started with our NFP CRM Solution, you are required to get into touch with OscilloSoft, and we will have our representative contact to assist you in the registration process. During this process, you are required to agree and sign to a Trial Agreement. Once signed, we will provide you a demo or trial account with access login.

There is no cost to use the Trial version of OscilloSoft’s NFP CRM Solution.

In order to best suit your business needs, we have split the solution into 2 packages – Standard and Premium. Please contact us to get a brochure that explains both packages in detail.

If you are satisfied with the trial and would like to continue using the Solution, please inform OscilloSoft. We will reach out and require you to sign an agreement or proposal to continue using the Full Solution.

OscilloSoft’s Not-for-profit CRM Solution comes in 2 packages (Standard and Premium) each having features to serve your purposes. Our pricing is simple and transparent. Please contact us for the pricing of our packages.

Yes, we will be providing training to assist you in using the solution.

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Why Oscillosoft?

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