Zoho​ ​CRM​ ​Plus​ ​is​ ​Now​ ​Released​ ​and​ ​Better​ ​Than​ ​Ever!

/, Zoho CRM/Zoho​ ​CRM​ ​Plus​ ​is​ ​Now​ ​Released​ ​and​ ​Better​ ​Than​ ​Ever!

Zoho Service continues to develop and continues to provide business owners with technological solutions that will enhance the productivity of their business. With the new Zoho CRM Plus owners will be able to track website visitors and send marketing campaigns more efficiently. Zoho CRM Plus was released in 2014 and became an innovation as an all in one customer engagement suit. Now with the latest upgrade of Zoho CRM Plus, it is focused on providing the best upgraded features and concepts than the previous version had.

Zoho CRM Plus is now released

Key features of the new Zoho CRM Plus

Once you login to Zoho CRM Plus you will notice that the interface has been thoroughly organized. The previous version had an app selector which is now replaced by a new navigation bar and instead of appearing on the top of the page, it is now placed on the left side of the page. If you still need more workspace you can simply click the top left button to minimize the whole navigation bar. The user interface of the Admin panel has also been organized to make details of users and applications clearer for the user.

Quick Links will let you know which part of the product you will want to access and this feature directs you there in an instant. You can simply add your favorite CRM Plus features to the Quick Links bar for you to be able to access them with ease. The Recent Items feature is also added and this will automatically adapt to what you have done or what you have accessed, it will provide a link for you to jump to it in case you wish to return to that feature.

It’s now a lot easier to configure your apps without the need of searching for them one by one. To be able to access this feature, all you have to do is click the Settings icon on the top right corner and you will be able to easily apply and configure your apps with ease. You will also be able to work without interruptions, once you switch out of the app to do another task your apps will be in the same state where you left them. This will allow you to take in calls without having to worry about losing your work progress.

Zoho CRM continues to provide quality service

With all these new features of Zoho CRM Plus, it’s without a doubt that Zoho CRM is always looking for ways to improve your user experience. Allowing you to further improve and develop your businesses’ productivity and be able to keep up with you customers demand. Using Zoho service will help your business achieve its maximum growth with integrity.


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