How Zoho CRM saved our retail business and just in time!

//How Zoho CRM saved our retail business and just in time!

We run a family retail business and for years we have never been able to run promotions and specials for our loyal customers. Basically, we didn’t even think about it and we never thought that it was possible. I guess we dropped the ball on our customer retention and marketing side of the business. Sure, we get repeat clients and yes they love our products but we have always relied on their goodwill and loyalty.

Over the past 12 months we noticed a significant drop in sales which were bleeding to other more aggressive eCommerce websites which were stealing a good percentage of our market share. In fact, we really started to take notice of our marketing and customer relationships with all the hype of the online giant Amazon making the news. We knew that this would negatively affect our sales even further and we knew that it was time to take action and make a serious effort in rewarding our customers.

So now we knew what we had to do the next problem we had was finding the right platform to kick start this campaign. Because we are newbie’s in this space and because we have never implemented something like this before we knew that it was going to be a challenge finding the right service providor.

Luckily, after a few days of searching and countless email inquiries and free trials of CRM platforms we finally settled on what could only be described as the best CRM for the retail industry; Zoho CRM.

Without going into too much detail here, Zoho was perfectly suited to our small business needs and offered us the kind of interface that was so easy to use and we really got the hang of it very quickly. We are by no means ‘techies’ so we were surprised at how user friendly the whole CRM was. My wife who is afraid of computers is now on it every day managing the clients we have and preparing marketing campaigns to bring in more business. I know that she is currently working on a Christmas marketing campaign 2017 as I write this.

How it works is that every customer that comes in to our shop is politely asked if they would like to leave their email address and receive weekly promotions. At first it was a bit hard to ask for these but we were actually very surprised by the positive response we got. At the end of every day we put these email addresses in the Zoho database and these are used for our promotions that we try to send out very week. It’s actually very easy and the good thing about this type of marketing is that is makes us think more about our stock levels, what products sell well and at what price point.

Over the past 3 months we have noticed sales improve every week as more people respond to our promotions. To be honest Zoho Retail CRM is now an integral part of our marketing and we intend to use this more in the next year.


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