Almost every other business has an online presence and they go for different techniques and tools to manage their internet or IT based businesses. The most widely used IT solutions by the organizations are CRM’s and CMS. It goes without saying that ZOHO CRM is the most widely used CRM by small and mid size businesses alike. Zoho CRM is a great tool that allows the businesses to track their sales, manage marketing campaigns, and find better business opportunities.

Core Advantages

  • The user interface is extremely simple
  • Customizable according to the business needs
  • Increased workforce security
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Enables customer retention
  • It’s a hosted system mean that a lot of purchases for plug-ins and application do not have to be developed

What is the Role of OscilloSoft?
We at OscilloSoft, offer services to the businesses to enable them work with the cloud leaders such as Zoho, Google, Microsoft and many others. These services enable cloud system implementation according to the clients demands. Other than that we are offering complete business solutions not only for small companies as well as large enterprises.

Services offered by OscilloSoft include the following:

  • CRM Consulting
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation, business process and workflow
  • On Going Local Support
  • CRM – Soocial Relationship
  • Training & how to videos.
  • Third party integration and development on top of our Zoho CRM

Cloud Consulting

Explore the Digital Markets Beyond the LimitsWe bring You the smartest CRM System for Your Business. We are capable enough to transform your business goals into reality by creating a perfect CRM System. We are aware of your heavy investments in your business, we can help you continue to reap the maximum benefits of such investments though things are changing every other day.

Our focus is to meet the requirements of your business processes and to strengthen them to work in a much better way. We have developed a number of integrations including ZohoNmagento, ZohoNbigcommerce, ZohoNseek, ZohoNshopify, ZohoNJoomla, SMS and many others. Therefore, we have a proven track record of developing such plugins. You are using Joomla, Magento, Zoho, WordPress, Bigcommerce or any other website solution; we can help you integrate your website with Zoho CRM to make your web store work efficiently.

We are specialized in cloud computing and are associated with a number business organizations to help them scale their business with ease. Our clients don’t have to have the headaches of Cloud development methods, Cloud computing layers, storage issues and many other aspects. This is all because we hold the responsibility to take care of these matters.

Your website can only be accessed on personal computers which means your web store can only be accessed 40% of the high-tech gadget users. Also, you can say that you have not explored other half of this digital world. We can bring your business on the finger tips of smartphone and tab users.

OscilloSoft had been established with only one criteria in mind which was a business improvement for greater success. We offer all services at very affordable cost. This means that you are making your business a class apart at a cost that won’t burn a hole in your pocket or topple the economic setup of your enterprise.

We are also the premier partner of Zoho in Australia. With over 180+ deployment of Zoho all around Australia, New-Zealand, Russia, Singapore and even USA we have got your Zoho CRM covered.

Why not get in touch with us today see a live demo on Zoho CRM.

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