Moodle Advanced Extension

Moodle has always been a useful learning tool for schools, universities, and other learning institutions. It allows the user to create their own learning environments in which it will be a lot easier for them to learn. On its own, Moodle is already a powerful learning avenue that caters to learning organizations, students, and teachers alike.

Its capabilities can still be maximized. That is through the Zoho CRM, with the help of Oscillosoft’s Zoho CRM 2 Moodle Advanced Extension. It’s the Moodle extension that you’ve always known. However, based on the name of the new extension itself, it’s quite more advanced.

Currently, the school administrators are using Moodle with Zoho CRM for the management of their student contacts. Administrators will have to log into Moodle to view students’ grades and other information such as Deals (Enrollments) and Products (Courses).

With the CRM 2 Zoho Moodle Advanced extension, viewing such information is a whole lot easier. You can easily view the students’ grades, enrollments, and courses in Zoho CRM.

You can easily check how the students are progressing, alongside with the courses they are taking. It’s also possible to directly view the enrollment status of the students through Zoho CRM.

All you have to do is to install the extension and view all the information from there. You don’t have to go through Moodle just to check. Since other aspects of managing a learning institution are already in Zoho CRM, you’ll now save a lot of time and effort into switching through different applications.


These are just some of the key features that you get to enjoy. But that’s not everything the Zoho 2 Moodle Advanced extension can do. You can:

  • Sync custom Grades module
  • Sync standard Contacts, Deals, and Products module
  • Enter moodle roles for contacts (student or teacher)
  • Change enrollment status to Pending or Approved
  • After changing a student’s ‘Enroll Status’ within the Deals (Enrollments) to Approved status, the student gets an email confirmation with their log-in credentials

The extension is currently compatible with the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Zoho CRM.

Are you ready for the easier integration of Moodle into your Zoho CRM?

We’re offering a 10-day free trial of our Zoho CRM 2 Moodle Advanced Extension! You can read more about it on Zoho Marketplace or contact us, and we’ll help you set it up!

Save time in doing things you can have synced!

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