Enter clients’ addresses using the Google Maps Address Finder without any hassles of having to go through it manually one-by-one.

With Oscillosoft’s Zoho CRM 2 Google Maps Address Finder, working with numerous client address database, just got a lot easier. Skip the hassle of having to enter addresses manually and do it with just one click of a button.

The Zoho CRM 2 Google Maps Address Finder Extension is developed by Oscillosoft. This maintains addresses in the Zoho CRM interface accurately. It completely eradicates having the wrong information that could lead to the loss of company resources such as time, money and effort.

The Zoho CRM is already a powerful database itself. It can already hold numerous data and information about the clients entered in it. However, this information, particularly addresses, is still fed by the customers themselves. People who utilize these data, such as for the businesses and owners would want to have it as accurate as possible. This is the ideal scenario, but this is something that cannot be entirely assured, especially from manual entry.

The Google Maps Address Finder is the perfect extension to do the job as it can provide address suggestions based on the partial clues provided by the clients. This means even if they were off by a digit or misspelled a street name, the extension will still recognize it and provide the correct address suggestion with it. It completely removes the uncertainty of having to deal with the wrong addresses. 

The extension works for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts modules, making it a lot easier for businesses to come in contact with the people listed under these modules.

Google Maps Key Features

Key Features:

  • Completes address information automatically in a few keystrokes
  • Dynamic field mapping, including custom fields (text and numerals)
  • Enables the addition of multiple office locations dynamically
  • Distance and duration information (driving mode)
Google Maps Finder Benefits

The Benefits of Oscillosoft’s Zoho CRM 2 Google Map Address Finder Extension

  • Reduce time spent in manually entering numerous addresses into the Zoho CRM field.
  • Eliminate any risk of human error by having the address field entered manually
  • Improve overall Zoho CRM user experience
  • Chance to increase sales due to better customer service provided.
  • Suggest correct addresses from the input that was wrongfully placed. 

How It Works:

  • Provide the Google Map API Key during the installation process.
  • In the Google Map Setting, go to the Zoho field map and set your office location.
  • The extension will work on the Zoho CRM’s Leads, Contacts, and Accounts module.
  • Get the extension through the “Address” button.
  • Get address suggestions after entering a keyword in the search box.

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Which modules in CRM can I use the extension?

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