Zoho Health Check

Optimise your Zoho CRM to generate better quality leads. Ensure leads conversion rate is constantly high. Maximise customer feedback to guarantee high customer satisfaction. Zoho Health Check with Oscillosoft is the answer.


Optimise Your CRM for Lead Capturing

Your customers expect a seamless experience when they interact with your business—on social media, mobile, in-store, through the call center, on your website, and when making a purchase online. High customer satisfaction begins with a healthy Zoho CRM. Poor results are symptoms of loopholes in your CRM. We want to help you identify these loopholes, eliminate them, tighten all loose ends and get your CRM on the high road to great results.
Identifying convertible leads from your pool of captured leads can be sometimes daunting. If your Zoho CRM is not effectively helping you out, then it needs a Health Check. Zoho CRM is well suited for organising leads captured from web forms, Zoho Lead app, live chat and social media. The best part is that necessary information to qualify leads can easily be setup if your Zoho CRM implementation is done right.
A sit down with our Zoho CRM Analyst is
the right step to optimising your Zoho CRM for easy
identification of convertible leads.

High Conversion Rate from a Highly Proficient CRM

Keeping up with leads is very crucial to leads conversion. Effective distribution of leads to sales rep for follow up is key and your Zoho CRM should be playing a vital role in actualising effective leads distribution. If not, your Zoho CRM needs a Health Check.
With an effective implementation of your Zoho CRM, leads can be assigned to sales rep based on their products, department, location and other factors for effective follow up. We love to get your Zoho CRM up to speed for higher lead conversion rates.

Exceptional Customer Service with an Exceptional Zoho CRM Setup

Though 80% of CEOs believe their companies provide a good customer experience, only 43% of customers have had a consistent positive experience with a brand. This is because modern customers would make an enquiry your Facebook Page and expect your customer rep to beware of this enquiry when they make further enquiries by email or telephone call. If this expectation is not met, customer experience takes a nosedive.
If your customer care rep cannot continue the customer’s conversion from that last point of contact, then your Zoho CRM needs a Health Check. Fill the form below to get started.