Zoho Integration

Feed your Zoho CRM with leads captured from your website, landing pages, forms and social media. Automatically update your Zoho CRM with latest client interaction. Eliminate information silos by integration your collaboration apps with your Zoho CRM. These and more with seamless integration of your Zoho CRM with other business apps.


Most business use more than one software for daily activities and so does yours. Daily, these software generate leads and clients information with the potential of creating information silos. Information silos are dangerous and your Zoho CRM can prevent them. Integrate your Zoho CRM with your various business softwares and create a great synergy amidst them. Keep up-to-date leads and clients database in your Zoho CRM and equip your team members to make smarter and more profitable decisions.

Get All Captured Leads to Zoho CRM

Leads are captured from various means. Updating your clients database in Zoho CRM can be automatically done. How? Integrate your Zoho CRM with the platforms you use for lead capturing. We will integrate your Zoho CRM to your website, CMS, forms, landing pages, email automations and social media to ensure all leads captured are in one place – your Zoho CRM.
Get your Zoho CRM integrated to . WordPress . Joomla . Unbounce . Clickfunnels . MailChimp . ActiveCampaign . GetResponse . Facebook . Xero . MySQL databases . Custom Apps . Custom Forms and others.


Interact with Leads and Clients with Actionable Insights

Insightful information on leads and clients are indispensable for winning leads and closing deals. Get insights on your website visitors by enabling Visitor Tracking with Zoho CRM by an integration of your Zoho CRM with your website and Google Adwords. Make available to assigned team members latest interaction with leads and clients from all communication channels (emails, website chat, social media chats, even calls, e.t.c.) by integrating your Zoho CRM to Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Gmail, HelpDesk, ClickDesk, Team Support and many more.


Eliminate Information Silos with Better Collaboration

Sales and Marketing Teams’ data can get a lot messier especially when collaboration is done with more than one application. This creates information silos, making some team members lag behind on information updates and decisions. Integrating your Zoho CRM with collaboration softwares like Google Docs, Evernote, Google Apps and others, keeps all team members up to speed. Making all team members make smart decisions based on up-to-date information.
Get actions automatically triggered in your third party apps (your daily business apps outside the Zoho Suite) by events in your CRM. Also trigger actions automatically in your CRM by events your third party apps. With custom APIs we will integrate all your third party apps and ensure the apps of your entire system communicates effectively.
Zoho CRM can be integrated with a large plethora of business softwares. Also are available add-ons that can make you take advantage of the entire Zoho Suite. Your Zoho CRM can a be a lot smarter. It is just one integration away.