Zoho CRM 2 Moodle Advanced Extension

Zoho Moodle Advanced Extension: Maximizing A Powerful Online Learning Avenue in 5 ways

In today’s society where Covid-19 virus runs amok around the world, the concept of conducting classes online has become the current trend in our learning institutions.

If you are someone who is familiar with online learning platforms, then you have probably heard of Moodle which is one of the world’s most popular learning management system.

Moodle is an online learning platform designed to cater to teachers, students and learning organizations by allowing them to create their customized learning environment in an integrated and data secured system.

Despite Moodle being known as an all-in-one learning platform, its functions can still be enhanced. It is indeed possible with Oscillosoft’s Zoho CRM 2 Moodle Advance Extension.


Through using Moodle Advanced Extension, users will now be able to efficiently manage their Moodle contacts and Moodle account. As for the enhanced functions that this extension provides, it enables the users to be capable of doing the following:

  • Efficiently Monitor Students’ Grades and Status

      Doing assessments for your students or learning about a subject from your teacher can be tiring, this is why Oscillosoft developed a monitoring system for Moodle Advance Extension that is integrated to Zoho CRM. This functions as a special kind of integration process that helps users view information about the progress of the students, the status of their enrollment, and the courses that they are currently taking. This modified function will help the users to focus more on maximizing the usage and benefits of a custom-made learning environment as it will help them become more efficient when it comes to online learning platform management. This is also very helpful on monitoring milestones.

  • Sync Contacts, Deals, Grades and Products Module

    In order to avoid unneeded transfer of data and to control the access of multiple information in a single shared data source, Oscillosoft developed Moodle Advance Extension to have the capability to sync contacts, deals and products module into a single platform. This enables users to no longer switch from one application to another as they can now already sync all the relevant materials into Zoho CRM and view all the necessary information on the said platform.

  • Manage Students’ Enrolment Status

     Moodle Advance Extension also enables its users to have the capability to efficiently manage a student’s enrolment status using Zoho CRM by being able to change it to “pending” or “approved”. What’s more? It also has a notification system wherein a student whose enrolment status got approved receives an email with their log-in credentials. This is very helpful for performing a proper enrolment management as a Moodle user.

  • Organize Roles

      Having too many contacts can be confusing and it might lead a person into forgetting the identity of their contact which leads to certain situations like mistaking a teacher for a student or vice-versa. With Moodle Advance Extension, you don’t have to worry that the same situation will apply to you as it allows you to organize roles for your contacts. You can now indicate them as either student or teacher using Zoho CRM.

  • Save Both Time and Effort by Using a Seamlessly Integrated, Data Secured and Centralized System

    Zoho CRM is a well-maintained data-secured platform that helps you gain access to substantial benefits that it provides. Integrating your Moodle into CRM will help you manage everything into a single platform. You can save the hassle of switching between multiple applications by having them synced into your Zoho CRM. All you have to do is install the Moodle Advance Extension and you can now view all the necessary information in your Zoho CRM. The said extension is compatible with Zoho’s ultimate editions and its enterprise. Through using Moodle Advance Extension, you can now save both time and effort on using Moodle as well as enhance its functions for you to create a greater customized learning environment that improves everyone’s learning process.

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